Beautiful Contemporary Furniture Product

This furniture company is located in Solo, Central Java, Indonesia. It is an export oriented company. They produce contemporary and modern style furniture and art accessories which have Indonesian distinction.

The company has supported by artists whom very skilled in their field, especially the art of ethnic itself. They are also possible to realize your own designs in shape you desire. They apply teak, mahogany and various kind of woods for their product. They have found essential to use kiln dried wood before processing.

They set high standard of controlling to keep the quality. Started from choosing the materials, processing, constructing, finishing to packaging. The prices is considerably ready to compete against the market prices with no disregard of quality and the sense of art of product itself.

Indonesia Classic Furniture

Indonesia Classic Furniture

This company is specialized for manufacturing Fine Classic Furniture, located in Solo, Central Java, Indonesia.

The products are vary and have standard qualified about:
Product Range: Hard carving furniture, Classic colonial furniture, Antique reproduction furniture, Unique design furniture, Modern minimalist furniture, Contemporary furniture, Reclaimed wood furniture.

Contemporary Chair For Your Home

This company is one of the largest furniture manufacturer in Indonesia with its head office located in the city of Bogor, West Java, Indonesia.

After operating for more than 26 years, the company has become a leading company that meets the needs of furniture both in and outside the country. This company focused its production in contemporary furniture products. Moreover, the furniture company has been exporting the products to more than 100 countries around the world.

The contemporary furniture products include; beautiful chair, table, bed set, living room set and many more.

Folding Chair In Contemporary Style

Located in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. Established since 2000, this company is focusing on producing world-class quality wooden furniture products of contemporary Furniture. Through the extensive experience, they have further expanded of the customers based on exporting to countries all over the world. Currently the export market is Malaysia, France, and japan.

They have been essentially to use kiln-dried wood. They starting the details from choosing the materials, processing, constructing, finishing to packaging. Moreover they always set up a high standard of controlling to keep the best quality. They are supported by skillful wood working-craftsman and production quality control that is managed and operated by dedicated and professional team.

Wooden Contemporary Furniture

This is a manufacturer and exporter of solid wood furniture from : teak, mahogany, and also combine solid wood with MDF or plywood.
They offer high quality of contemporary furniture, indoor furniture, home and office furniture. This furniture company was build on early 1996 in Jepara, Central Java – Indonesia.

The material is Mahogany wood, Teak wood and other wood to produce high quality contemporary furnitures and other style for both indoor furnishing, outdoor furnishing and commercial application.

Each pieces of the products are built using only the finest grades of wood from sustainable, reforestation sources.

It has many experiences to reproduce contemporary furniture for exterior and interior spaces for fine homes, resorts, hotels, restaurants, cafes, offices. They have been exporting the products to Japan, Australia, France, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Bolivia.

Contemporary Dining Set From Rattan Material

This furniture company specialist on contemporary furniture and indoor Furniture. Their office is in Semarang, Central Java, while their workshop is in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia.

It has been more than 11 years producing the best product for customer world wide by using the finest quality matched machinery and handmade from rattan material. This attention to detail ensures that each piece is as perfect as the designer intended and as unique as nature created. The tongue-and-groove, spline reinforced and doweled construction is the mark of pride in craftsmanship that goes into each product.

A Contemporary Furniture Producer From Indonesia

This furniture company is one of wooden furniture company based in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia which has lot of experiences in furniture. This company has specializing in contemporary and indoor furniture products.

They choose selected wood material, such as; Teak wood and Mahogany wood from PERHUTANI plantation. Therefore, there will be any guarantee for the best result in products.

Professional and talented artists are also become the main point for this manufacturer produce the incredible products to be exported in world wide.

Contemporary Cabinet For Your House

It has established in 1993 in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia and become a manufacturer also furniture exporter that concentrates the business in contemporary and indoor furniture. The main market exported are Europe, USA, Australia, Middle East country and Asia.

For the raw material is official come from Teak wood and solid Mahagony. Every details are under the professional staffs and talented artist, to make the best products.

Contemporary Sofa For Your House

This sofa is one of contemporary products from a furniture company in Indonesia. The company has products of indoor and contemporary furniture. While, the material is made of teak, rattan, mahogany, bamboo and high quality polyethylene material.

With a solid network of customers accross Europe, the company vision is to become a primary manufacturer of quality furniture and decorative accessories world wide.

Hence, they are working under details process to make the best products for their clients around Europe.

Wooden Furniture In Contemporary Style

This wooden furniture company is a manufacturer majoring on contemporary furniture. Settled on Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia.

Since the day it was established in 1994, The furniture company has improve their quality to fill the customer satisfaction regarding their products’ quality, their accuracy and their warmness to customer.

By their target market to worldwide exported, this company decided to be the first leader in wooden furniture facing any obstacles within the rivals and technical blunder that may followed. Hence, they also controlling their products much more detail.

Their major products has more than 30 models in contemporary styles and every single year there will be the brand new style to be presented.
They have tables, chairs, Benches, bar set, steamers, Lounger and many more for indoor furniture. All of those are made from qualified wood material.