Office Art Jakarta

Office Art

The company is established with focus on the marketing of integrated office furniture products such as working chair, workstation, desk system and storage system, also on Aluminum Interior Partition System, Door System, and Wall Cladding System.

Located in Jakarta, Indonesia, this company is exclusively authorized to market Finland furniture for its designer’s collection chair system, sofa system, auditorium chair and other public seating purpose chairs that used for hotel , café, restaurant, bar , food court, school, university, hospital, building and others.

They also do local production for the above mentioned furniture to provide varieties and wide needs from the customers.
Most of the products, materials and spare parts are imported, processed and assembled locally combined with local materials that makes sure in giving inexpensive price and flexible and on time delivery time.

Subur Furniture

This store is a manufacturer and supplier for meubel and furniture from Jakarta, Indonesia. They have supplier from USA, Malaysia, Taiwan, China and Indonesia. The products are taken from the famous brand like Kingkoil, Sealy, Serta,
Simmons, Spring Air, Airland, Dunlopillo, Tempur, Luxe, Romance bed and Comforta.

In addition, Subur is also provides wide selection of furniture / office work such as office desks, tables of directors, meeting table, partition table / office partitions, office chairs, director chairs, secretary chairs, lecture chairs, cafe chairs, office sofa, filing cabinet , mobile files, and the baby box from various brands like Ligna, Olympic, Hakari, Babybelle, Modera, Expo, Indachi, Chairman, Savello, Fantoni, Chitose, Elite, Lion, Brother, Morress, UNO, Alba, Datascript, High Point and there are many more.



This is a fine contemporary garden and patio furniture manufactur, located in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. Triconville offers wide options of materials to choose from. Each category has been carefully positioned and designed to deliver lifestyle look that appeals to a certain personality.

All products are designed and manufactured to strict quality standards and are inspected numerous times during the manufacturing process including a final inspection prior packing for shipment.

They are adapting high quality standards at every stage of the production. Each product is quality checked by the experienced and highly motivated quality control staff during production process and even before packing the goods. They work under very efficient and systematic environment which enables to make this collection at the lowest cost possible.

Intact Antique Furniture

Intact Antique

Intact Antique furniture manufacture is located in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. The products are available to Direct Importer, Wholesaler, Hotel, Apartment, Restaurant, Resort, Government Office, Private House, Classic Mansion or Restoration.

The products are include in indoor mahogany furniture, teak indoor and outdoor furniture, rattan furniture, craft and home accessories.

Pelathuk Furniture

Pelathuk Furniture

This is a manufacture for antique reproduction furniture since 1996. Located in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia.

The products are about mahogany chair and Dining room chair ,mahogany sofa, mahogany armoire , mahogany cabinet, mahogany bookcase, mahogany side boards and chest , mahogany buffet, mahogany wall table ,mahogany console , mahogany table and small table, mahogany desk, mahogany bureau, mahogany writing table, mahogany hallstand, mahogany coffee table, mahogany dining table, mahogany side table, mahogany lamp table, mahogany fire place, mahogany plantstand, mahogany dressing table, mahogany mirror, mahogany bedroom set, mahogany bedroomsince, mahogany bar.

They only use good quality mahogany timber which is released by Government.
To avoid from problems of shrinkage, split or other, they make sure that all of mahogany furniture component is reach not more than 12% MC.

Mahadistro Furniture

Mahadistro Furniture provide office furniture, includes : Office Desk, Filling Cabinet, Ergonomic Chairs, Workstation and Partitions, Office and Home Sofa and a variety of green office from manufacturers you trust.

They also provide office furniture design and solutions to fit every facet of business and budget. Th selection of quality office furniture and reliable manufacturers is simply unparalleled. The list of office furniture manufactures includes DONATI Furniture , Indachi Furniture and many more.

They employ professional design consultants who are happy to provide advice regarding customers office furniture needs. Their personnel can help you launch your new business or home office very quickly, or assist with advice to help you upgrade and enhance your existing office environment.

Aryasena Furniture

This is an export oriented company. They produce ethnic and modern style furniture and art accessories which have Indonesian distinction.

Aryasena is suported by artists whom very skilled in their field, especially the art of ethnic itself. They are also possible to realize your own designs in shape you desire. They apply teak, mahogany and various kind of woods for the product. They have found essentially use kiln dried wood before possessing.

They set high standard of controlling to keep the quality. Started from choosing the materials, processing, constructing, finishing to packaging. Last but not least, the prices is considerably ready to compete against the market prices with no disregard of quality and the sense of art of product itself.

Tropical Wood

Tropical Wood or having an official name as Talang Mas are manufacturer and exporter Indoor and Outdoor Furniture from Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia.

The products are made by professional craftsman, they are spread along Jepara. Skilled craftsman utilize time-honored construction methods, using only the highest quality materials taken from plantation forest. Ensuring exceptional standards of work to produce the highest export quality furniture.

Every detail process is under the professional staffs and being controlled perfectly to produce the best quality in product.

They are also welcome for custom made order that require design furniture from customer and provide customer logo printed on brass plate for each item depend on the customer need.

Mousall Garden Furniture

This is manufacturer of solid garden furniture from Jepara Indonesia. They focused the attention of design staff on creating beautifully styled of solid teak furniture that would enhance the decor of any home. They also willing to create furniture that would have the durability to be passed from generation to generation. To assure the quality of the products as well as offering the variety of options that they make available, they decided that each piece of furniture would be “built to order”.

The skilled craftsman utilize time-honored construction methods to fashion first quality the furniture of your dreams. The character and beauty of each piece of furniture is enhanced with the finest finishing process. This process features hand sanding, and staining.The trademark is centered on quality, not quantity.

Diana Furniture

This is a furniture manufacture settled in Pasuruan, East Java, and it was build in 1994.

The production is majoring on indoor furniture like, tv sets tables, living set, kitchen set, locker and the things related.

they have more than 100 experienced employees, with 5000 m2 of plant area which is also accommodated by supporting facilities, such as Wood Working Training Centre, Design Centre, Offices, Shopping Centres, Employee’s Housing, and other facilitations.

Over 25 years producing the best quality of product design, and they supported with good material on it. Diana Furniture is always ready for furniture fulfillment.