PT. Segoro Mas, Solo


Segoro Mas Solo, is furniture and craft manufacturer located in Solo, Central Java, Indonesia. It is a dynamic and professional furniture company established in 1999. It’s main activity is in design, production and export of high quality of recycled teak furniture from Indonesia. They have been in this business for more than 10 years, from manufacturing to exporting their products to many countries all over the world. Their products are indoor and outdoor furniture for any kind of season.

The factory has the capacity of 8 x 40” container per month. Most of the material they use is teak wood, recycle teak, plantation teak and any other material the customer need. They are full machine made with wide area factory 10.000M2 and 80 employee. They have many recent design, but they also have a service of build your own design, so that the products will be built exclusively for you. Under international law, the product will not be sold to any other customer.
Since the issue of global warming become very important nowadays, they use reclaimed wood, wood from old building, or bridge, to build the furniture. They also have a program of planting 100 trees for each container shipped from our company.

For more info, please contact:
Miss. Atika
Jl. Dr.Rajiman No 206, Solo – Central Java
Phone / Fax: +62-271 821651
Email: &
Website: www.

Cantik Outdoor Furniture, Cirebon

Cantik, means beautiful. It is inlined with this company philosophy, which is trying hard to make something becoming more and more beautiful everyday. Rattan is a specied of Bamboo for making furniture and handicraft, that only found in Southeast Asia and East Asia.

Nowadays, Cantiq Outdoor Furniture are established and located in permanent area with ± 8000 m² coverage. We display in our showroom, full collection of our product both original rattan and plastic, from indoor to outdoor, combined with many kind of accessories. We have list of business clients and partners from around the world, as listed but not limited to countries like United Kingdom, Unites States of America, Greece, Spain, Italy and many others. They buy and distribute our products completely and continuously to many region and continent, using their own label. We also visit and participate in world famous furniture exhibitions such as Moebel Mese Cologne, Furniture Fair Singapore, Xenia Fair in Greece ,Inggris.

For more info, please contact:
Mr. Andry Iwan Putra
Address: Jl. Suryanegara No. 99, Pamijahan, Plumbon, Cirebon, West Java
Phone: + 62 231-8330180 – Fax: + 62 231-8330179 – Mobile: +62-811244365

Baliette Home Furnishings, Surabaya


Baliette furniture is Teak and home furniture manufacturer from Surabaya – East Java which has various wooden furniture products for offer. Baliette focused in Teak home furnishing and has exported its products through many countries in the world. This company has supply hotels, restaurants, resorts, colleges, and many more.

As Teak home furnishing, Baliette produces various kind of furniture include dining set, sofas, computer desks, bar, bed,  chair, bookshelf, chest, mirror, and many more. Those indoor and outdoor products are made of selected Teak wood and designed by professional craftsman who has good experienced in handmade furniture.

Now on, Baliette furniture company has explore its furniture products to outdoor furniture such as; lounge, outdoor chair, outdoor table, accessories, and others wooden outdoor furniture.

For more info, please contact:
Mr. Soenanto Liman
Address: Jl. Raya Darmo Permai Utara  70, Surabaya – East Java
Phone: +62 31-707070 58 – Fax: +62 31 732 5517 – Mobile: +62 81-2323 3070
Email: &

Bali Art Furniture

This is an exporter furniture manufacturer located in Bali Island – Indonesia. The products are about Bali furniture which made from Teak woods based of modern and contemporary art. For making the product, they have labours about 200 people who professionalism in their skill self, therefore the product has made is high quality and mutual each other.

For the best mutual with customers, they always guarantee goods of the orders has through into your place with high safety. They have individual packing company. The product are made by high quality of Teak woods from Middle of Java, which is number 1 Teak wood quality in Indonesia.

Sekarnusa Furniture

Located in the most beautiful county in Bali Island , Ubud, Sekarnusa always challenged to produce the finest root furniture in all shapes and sizes. They operate their own furniture manufacture company with almost 109 dedicated employees to create world-class exportable furniture.

Various types of furniture are available in the gallery; they are mainly derived from teak, rattan, and specially root wood. All furniture is designed to become graceful indoor furniture and outdoor furniture in every residence which adopts various themes or decorations.

They always give a high level of craftsmanship to all furniture, both indoor furniture and outdoor furniture, ensuring a fashionable and reliable solution to all of your needs.

LIO Collection

It all started 36 years ago when Greek-born entrepreneur, Christos Vassilios Liokouras, decided to hang his hat in Denmark and establish his first furniture showroom in Odense. With his philosophy of “Customer Satisfaction is Always Number One”, Christos V Liokouras passionately pursued his vision of expanding his furniture domain, becoming known to his European customers, manufacturers, importers and exporters as ‘The Rattan & Bamboo King’.

Now headquartered on the tropical paradise island of Bali, Indonesia, LIO Collection continues the strong legacy of Christos V Liokouras’ furniture business, with the retail and wholesale supply of Indonesian products.

The LIO Collection encompasses top quality, light and heavy duty, indoor and outdoor furnishings in classic and contemporary designs, fashioned in teak, suar wood, mahogany, leather, bamboo, rattan, polyrattan and other indigenous and manmade materials.

The furniture is complemented by exquisite handicrafts and homewares, intricate glass art, antiques, rugs, beautiful themed lamps, stone carvings, and a wide selection of original paintings created by local and expatriate residents of Bali.

The ten gallery showrooms are conveniently located within the Kerobokan, Seminyak, Oberoi, Jimbaran and Tuban districts, as well as on the Ngurah Rai By Pass.

LIO Collection is proud of its worldwide wholesale and retail markets, to which it exports an average of 3000 containers per year, delivering quality Indonesian furniture and handicrafts to chain resellers, hotels and direct customers in the following countries:Algeria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Columbia, Cyprus, Finland France, Germany, Greece, Hawaii, Holland, Iceland, Iran, Italy, Japan, Malaysia Martinique, Singapore,Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tahiti, Taiwan, Turkey, UK
USA and many more.

Balinet Market Furniture

This is a manufacturer for furniture and handicraft designs and wholesale exporters of a wide range crafts from Indonesia. They are suppliers to large and small retailers, wholesalers and importers all over the world.

Settled in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia where new ideas and designs get born. They have good connections to art centers in Lombok and Java, and that makes them know about the growth of furnitures at any times.

Every item we produce is quality controlled to make sure you get what you are promised.

Giant Chess, The Nicest Giant Ever

Giant Chess

This company manufactures is settled in Java Island, Indonesia. It was build on 1991, which designs and manufactures high quality chess sets and chess accessories, specializing in large-to-giant pieces chess set for decorating the outdoor.

This manufacturer has a brilliant idea by realizing the making of particular chess sets for those who are maniac for this genius sport player game. Out of the standard of common thing, is dare to make a qualified chess sets with qualified teak wood which originally coming from Indonesia finest teak wood.

USA and Europe is the main country that being a potential exported destination. It has already expanses the individual buyers, the chess club, companies, distributors, recreational spot and hospitality company like hotels.

There are numbers of products that offered to the consumers start to 8″ chess sets to the largest one of 72″ chest set. They also complete their products with every single part about chess, like the box, the board, the tables, the checkers, the trophy and many more.