CV. Republic Furniture Jepara, Central Java


Republic Furniture Jepara has produce teak garden and leisure furniture for distinguished homes, luxury hotels, spas, resorts, local authorities, restaurant and clubs at uncompromisingly competitive prices. This company is manufacturer and agent of furniture products for all buyers in the world. The company produces from single bespoke pieces to multi-item full container loads to the buyers stringent requirements, usually within four week.

Republic Furniture Jepara has been essential to use selected raw material and kiln-dried wood before processing. Starting from choosing the materials, processing, constructing, finishing to packaging.

Republic Furniture Jepara produces indoor and outdoor furniture products include table, chair, bench, lounger, teak bed, teak furniture set, teak chair, outdoor furniture, teak deep seating and sofa, teak recliners, folding table,  and others. The buyers can visit the company in Jepara, Central Java – Indonesia.

For more info, please contact:
Mr. Dodik Ikhwanto
Address: Jl. Raya  Kemuning, RT.03-RW.09, Jepara – Central Java
Phone: +62291-3332572 – Mobile : +6281325709829

More Than Teak Furniture, Jepara


More Than Teak Furniture is Indonesia teak furniture manufacturer with many kind of furniture both indoor and outdoor. This company is located in Jepara, Central Java – Indonesia and it is an export oriented company for furniture products. More Than Teak Furniture produces various kind of indoor and outdoor furniture also antique furniture reproduction, such as; bench, various kind of chairs like arm folding chair for living room, various kind of tables like coffee table for eatery, console, desk, dining table, and other furniture products. The company also provides furniture sets such as garden furniture, outdoor furniture and patio furniture. Their customers furniture wholesaler or retailer, as well as furniture store, eatery, resort lodging, inn venture for the pool side or cultivate, SPA, loft, and end client that need to enhance for their porch, plant or patio.

Using solid teak with high quality as their main material, More Than Teak Furniture finished the products with various finishing style: natural fine sanded, rustic, whitewash, black wash, or depend on customer request. Those wood had through kiln-dried process before constructing process. The company has controlling to keep the quality started from choosing the materials, processing, constructing, finishing, checking to packaging. Years of experience make More Than Teak Furniture to be a world class product. Their products have been exported to many countries all over the world. When you buy teak furniture from More Than Teak, you will not only get the furniture itself, but also the worth of teak’s beauty with some natural properties from that other woods don’t have. What you have is not only just teak furniture, but more because of the experience you have.

For more information, please contact:
Mr. Fery
Address: Desa Guyangan RT 004 RW 011, Bangsri, Jepara – Central Java 59461
Fax: +62 291 8001102
Mobile: +62 8122 9001001

CV. Aulia Jati Indofurni, Jepara

auliajati3People may take in-depth consideration before purchasing teak furniture for garden and outdoor spaces, wonder if they make right choice and find appropriate pieces for them. As known for centuries, teak wood is one of the best materials for outdoor purposes, whether on the patio, porch, garden or backyard. Teak is just a perfect piece of outdoors and garden furniture even for generations.

Probably some people rather to choose outdoor furniture made from other materials that more inexpensive. As we know, teak wood is rather high-priced than other material, so it is not very popular as first on the list for budget furniture.  On the other hand, teak will come first in mind when people thinking of purchasing outdoors, whom also looking for quality and durability. In fact, the price you paid for teak furniture is worth for the quality of the furniture purchased. Some people due to its remarkable quality call the wood as Royal wood.

Teak wood is strong, dense, durable and commonly weather resistant. Teak will survive even in the worst season. Besides those advantages, teak is resistant also to insect, splintering, warping and other. It is certainly good reason why teak is expensive and still popular. Teak has natural oil and rubber that explain this entire excellent characteristic. Growing in regions that has dramatic climate changes believed that teak wood naturally resilient to nature’s forces.

For more info, please contact:
Mr. Maskur Zaenuri
Address: Jl. RA. Kardinah Ring Road Senenan, Jepara – Central Java
Phone: +62 291 594 414 – Fax: +62 291 594 414 – Mobile: +62 81 9140 10120

CV. Kusuma Furniture, Jepara


Banana Set
Our production process using semi machine, with tenon and morteis. And sure, we used kiln dry process. So we confirm that our products durable for outdoor furniture. This teak bench set comprises of several seating options meaning that you can entertain either on your patio or indeed on the lawn.

Made by our craftsmen  and detailed through recorded history, teak wood has been relied upon and trusted for its immense strength. This wood is highly respected for its durability. And we only recommend from our huge range of garden benches and garden seats, products that have been designed and tested specifically with the customers in mind. This Banana Set is very sturdy and will give you many years of service.

For more info, please contact:
CV. Kusuma Furniture
Head Office  : Jl. Dr. Susanto No. 81 Pati 59111, Central Java, Indonesia
Factory : Jl. Ratu Kalinyamat, Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia
Phone / Fax  : +62 291 592961
Email  :
Website  :

PT. Segoro Mas, Solo


Segoro Mas Solo, is furniture and craft manufacturer located in Solo, Central Java, Indonesia. It is a dynamic and professional furniture company established in 1999. It’s main activity is in design, production and export of high quality of recycled teak furniture from Indonesia. They have been in this business for more than 10 years, from manufacturing to exporting their products to many countries all over the world. Their products are indoor and outdoor furniture for any kind of season.

The factory has the capacity of 8 x 40” container per month. Most of the material they use is teak wood, recycle teak, plantation teak and any other material the customer need. They are full machine made with wide area factory 10.000M2 and 80 employee. They have many recent design, but they also have a service of build your own design, so that the products will be built exclusively for you. Under international law, the product will not be sold to any other customer.
Since the issue of global warming become very important nowadays, they use reclaimed wood, wood from old building, or bridge, to build the furniture. They also have a program of planting 100 trees for each container shipped from our company.

For more info, please contact:
Miss. Atika
Jl. Dr.Rajiman No 206, Solo – Central Java
Phone / Fax: +62-271 821651
Email: &
Website: www.

Teak Republic, Jepara – Central Java


Teak Republic is the Indonesia solid teak wood manufacturer and exporter. This company has provide solid teak furniture to supply business and wholesale worldwide. To support furniture market, Teak Republic combine quality and competitive prices. This company also offers many furniture products choices.

The furniture products are focus on teak and mahogany solid wood furniture with a minimalist modern style and contemporary solid wood furniture. Besides, the buyers can also submit their own designs or Teak Republic can provides furniture design in accordance with the project theme of hotel or restaurant, or to the needs of latest models of buyer’s arrangement.

Settled in Jepara, Central java, this solid teak furniture manufacturer offers many choices of wood furniture products, such as; wood dining table, teak dining chairs, teak dining set, teak dining tables, teak dining room furniture, teak kitchen cabinet, and many more. The company use material that coming from sustainable plantation, both for teak wood and mahogany wood.

For more info, please contact:
Teak Republic

Mr. Agung
Jl. Bendansari NO.2 Desa Tahunan RT 03/02 Tahunan, Jepara – Central Java
Phone : +62-291 592590
Mobile: +62811277789

Jepara Production Furniture, Jepara


Jepara Production Furniture is a furniture producer of teak garden, luxury hotels, spa and resort, local authorities, restaurant and clubs uncompromisingly competitive prices. This furniture manufacturer has various kind products of Teak furniture with different models and size. It produces all furniture on order so this furniture company doesn’t keep large stock of more than a few popular models.

For the main material, Jepara Production Furniture use selected Teak wood and kiln-dried wood before processing. It always use dry wood, so that the durability of the products has not changed while in the container and while experiencing the change of weather in Europe and USA.

All products made from Teak wood and produced in many outdoor and indoor furniture, such as; folding chairs, stacking chairs, extension tables, bench, chairs, sun lounger, steamer and bed, dresser, wardrobe and cabinet, etc.

For more info, please contact:
Mr. Dodik Ikhwanto
Address: Jl. Raya  Kemuning, RT.03-RW.09, Jepara – Central Java
Phone: +62291-3332572 – Mobile : +6281325709829

Katama Golden Teak, Jepara


Katama Golden Teak is Indonesia furniture wholesale and teak furniture manufacture of outdoor and indoor furniture. They offer Teak garden and teak indoor furniture, with high quality product and at competitive prices with good workmanship for your satisfaction in enjoying your life of their Indonesia garden and home interior. They make the furniture from plantation teak Indonesian government. They don’t use any other wood in their production process, only use teak. For customer satisfaction, the manufacturer also manufacture in special customer designs.

50% Deposit upon the confirmation of the order by email/fax them the copy of T/T and they will start to following up the order after they get confirmation for their bank that the money come into the Account 50% for the balance must be paid before shipment.

For more info, please contact:
Mrs. Octavia
Address: Jl. Jepara – Bangsri, Central Java
Phone: + 62 21 47864046 – Fax: + 62 21 47862149

Jepara Indo Furniture, Jepara


Jepara Indofurniture is an export-oriented furniture company. Their office and warehouse are located in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia.
Established since 1999, Jepara Indofurnture is focusing on producing world-class quality wooden furniture products of Solid teak Outdoor and Indoor Furniture. Through their extensive experience, they have further expanded their customers based on exporting to countries all over the world. Currently their export market is, Asia, Europe and USA.

They have been essential to use kiln-dried wood before processing. Starting from choosing the materials, processing, constructing, finishing to packaging, we always set up a high standard of controlling to keep the best quality. Their price is considerably ready to compete against the market prices.

For more info, please contact:
Mr. Abdul Salam
Address: Jl. Kemuning Raya, Krapyak RT/RW: 5/9 Jepara – Central Java
Phone: + 62 291 3301937 – Mobile: + 62 81 22806 2172

Teak Indonesian Furniture

Teak Indonesian Furniture

Teak Indonesia Furniture is located in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. This company is running for teak furniture that all the materials are founding from Perhutani official wood. Perhutani is a national plantation from Indonesia govenrment.

The products that offer is about indoor and outdoor furniture like Chairs, Benches, Tables, Steamer & Lounges, Recliners, Accessories, and others. This company is already exporting their products to Europe, USA, Australia.