Office Art Jakarta

Office Art

The company is established with focus on the marketing of integrated office furniture products such as working chair, workstation, desk system and storage system, also on Aluminum Interior Partition System, Door System, and Wall Cladding System.

Located in Jakarta, Indonesia, this company is exclusively authorized to market Finland furniture for its designer’s collection chair system, sofa system, auditorium chair and other public seating purpose chairs that used for hotel , café, restaurant, bar , food court, school, university, hospital, building and others.

They also do local production for the above mentioned furniture to provide varieties and wide needs from the customers.
Most of the products, materials and spare parts are imported, processed and assembled locally combined with local materials that makes sure in giving inexpensive price and flexible and on time delivery time.

Chris Jati Plus

This is a company engaged in the furniture industry. It was established since 1990 in Jakarta, Indonesia, in 1998 they began the expansion on the market, which is exporting to overseas markets (Middle East and Europe) and under the flagship product of indoor
(classic furniture) and outdoor (garden furniture).

For the local market they provide numbers of furniture sets which Teak and Mahogany wood base.

The whole products include:
– Minimalist Furniture
– Classic Furniture
– Ethnic Furniture
– Garden Furniture
– Door-sills and frames
– Receiving Orders Design

Vision Pasific

Visions Pacific started in Hong Kong in 1992. Created with a defined purpose to bring unique home furnishing products crafted in Asia, to the worldwide clients.

Anthony Ciminelli, a long acknowledge designer and entrepreneur envisioned the possibilities of combining many unique resources and natural components with the artistic skills of craftsmen from the Asian Pacific region, matching quality and design to the special requirements of the American, European, and Japanese markets.

Visions Pacific by financing and building an International organization along with Indonesian partners began by opening their own production facilities. With control and supervision of their own manufacturing, they could ensure quality, price and most importantly, timely deliveries. The office is located in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Today still servicing some of the original clients. Visions Pacific creates and provides a variety of quality home furnishings and accessories. Unique designs for today. Contemporary styles for tomorrow’s fashions and trends.

They create a fine balance between global experience and local expertise to bring together a special brand of service, quality and value to the worldwide business clients.

Cane Java Furniture

It is a factory outlet straight from Indonesia. The outlet is specialist to offering a casual home furnishings and decor at a good value.

Their ever-changing assortment is presented in a sensory, environment that encourages customers to discover the “spice” they need to personalize their homes. They are a socially conscious Company that conduct business with caring associates whose first priority is responding to the needs of our customers.

The base factory in Indonesia has proven its existences since 1990. Most of the significant achievements in the industry were done in the last decades. From a fledgling start in rattan pole trading, the cane industry has grown into one of the major contributors to Indonesian economy. At present, the company has already served the European, the Middle East, and started in 1996 for Australian markets.

“Custom Order” is very distinctive aspects that been offer. You can select from different choices of models of material (Pitrit, Waterhyacinth, Banana/Abaca or even synthetic cane), colour, and sizes. It means that you can create your imagination into reality.

Classic Java Furniture

Classic Java

Classic Java is an exclusive manufacturer exporter of high quality teakwood, mahogany and java wood for indoor and garden furniture, to retailers and wholesalers around the world. All Classic Java’s furniture is use selected teakwood, either reclaimed old teakwood or plantation timber, from Central Java and East Java to produce reproduction antique and colonial furniture of the finest quality, in a rich traditional and contemporary styles, ranging over 300 items of any choice, including many accessories.

Indonesia has a special place in the world of furniture, producing packages of teakwood of the finest quality. And therefore Classic Java provide antiques, classic, teak garden set, and produce several exclusive designs of furniture that will suit your taste and environment, and they do take customized design order.

Located in Jakarta, Indonesia, Classic Java has some partner in some countries that will enable the customer from abroad to get the products.