PT. Bate Furniture Industries, Jepara


Well-known in 2005, the team of PT. Bate Furniture Industries has been working with types of major wholesaler and retailer in Europe and USA as well as other international customer and international buying agencies for the last few years. Having been structured to PT. Bate Furniture Industries in October 2008, PT. BFI offers business solution that includes designs, sourcing including manufacturing quality of mahogany furniture.

The products are manufactured from most experienced craftsmen in Jepara, Indonesia. For the raw material, they are using kiln dried wood, free from wood worms, and good constructions. This company also claimed as the biggest choice of mahogany furniture style in Indonesia. They Offer Unique Designs. They have thousands collections of French furniture and antique reproduction furniture. They also accept custom design. Turn your drawing into reality.

Bate Furniture has no minimum order of each items. Their minimum order is 1 x 20ft container.

For more info, please contact:
Mr. Deddy Setiawan
Address: Desa Suwawal RT 03 RW 02, Kecamatan Mlonggo, Jepara – Central Java
Phone: +62 291 595011 – Mobile : +62 8122-8229-851

Mahogany Furniture For Indoor

This furniture company has focused on mahogany furniture only. It is one of furniture company which is growing furniture’s manufacturing companies in Indonesia. In running the business, they always give priority to the quality of delivered product, from the selection process of high quality raw materials, utilization of the modern equipment, detailed wood-working complied with product standardization, high artistic value and tidy finishing.

The company has succeeded dominating the local market (Indonesia), Java and Sumatera islands in particular. The high quality of the artistic furniture, the factor of competitive price, and the rapid logistics system has been made their products pleased the customers.

It is supported by more than 100 craftsmen, resulting detail and high quality products. The production process conducted by using special tools thus every carving has artistic detail. Moreover, the product finishing process is done through repetitive work to accomplish perfection.

The office and the workshop is located in Jepara, Central Java. While the showroom is located in West Sumatra. The products are about indoor unique furniture for House, Hotels, Apartment etc, which made from solid wood of teak or mahogany.

Indoor Furniture Made From Mahogany Wood

A furniture manufacturing company located in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. The production of VIXI Design mostly exported to various countries in America and Europe including the United Kingdom. To be able to meet the market in America and Europe, VIXI Design using materials that already meet the standards required by importing countries.

The products include Indoor Furniture from Mahogany and Teak wood with various types of products such as copy antique, french reproduction furniture, classic reproduction furniture, painted furniture, painted furniture distressing with rustic, antique furniture, classic contemporary furniture that unusual model, modern furniture , and also minimalist furniture. For Outdoor Furniture or Garden furniture using special materials from teak wood and iron to guarantee product quality and durability in the long term.

The furniture is made to the highest standard. Selection of row material from PERHUTANI (Indonesian Forestry Department Country of Indonesia). Kiln dried to reach 8% until 12% of moisture content and production process are tightly controlled by Quality Assurance Department.

Mahogany Indoor Furniture For Your Home

This is a furniture manufacture based on Solo, Central Java, Indonesia.

They manufacture, export it, and specially present it for You. They supply wholesale container, and shipped direct from the factory. They make it available in a choice of solid wood mahogany and teak.

It is trusted that the products will certainly fit and suitable for supporting your wholesale and distribution business, as well as supply for hotel projects and real estate.

The furniture styles is intended to respond to worldwide market demand of Contemporary Wood Furniture which are Colonial Style, Minimalist Style, French Style, and not to miss is Asian Style Furniture including the Exotic Blending of Wood and Natural Rattan that are Cane, Seagrass, Banana Leaf, and Water Hyacinth.

Mahogany Classic Furniture From Indonesia

Indonesia has a special place in the world of furniture, producing packages of teakwood of the finest quality. And therefore, Classic Java furniture, provide antiques, classic, teak garden set, and produce several exclusive designs of furniture that will suit your taste and environment.

Classic Java is an exclusive manufacturer exporter of high quality teakwood, mahogany and java wood indoor and garden furniture to retailers and wholesalers around the world. Made or restored in their own factories which located in Jakarta, Indonesia, all Classic Java’s furniture, use carefully selected teakwood, either reclaimed old teakwood or plantation timber, from Central and East Java to produce reproduction antique and colonial furniture of the finest quality, in a rich traditional and contemporary styles, ranging over 300 items of any choice, including many accessories.

Mahogany Furniture Manufacture Indonesia

This is a wood furniture manufacturer company that has been established since 1998 in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia, since then the company has been exporting furniture to many countries in European continent. Teak garden furniture, colonial plantation style furniture, French classic furniture replica, and antique furniture reproduction is a general products manufactured by our furniture craftsmen manufacturing network and SME Indonesian furniture manufacturers which are our business partners.

The custom built furniture (Bespoke / made to order furniture) are manufactured in this wood furniture production facilities that operated by years experienced wood workers, carvers, sculptors, upholsterers, and painters. They also have affiliation and establishing cooperation as Joint Operation with reliable partners. i.e.: Artisans, craftsmen, and other Indonesian furniture manufacturers that related in furnishing projects or craftsmanship.

Mahogany Jepara Furniture

This company is established in 2003, with young entrepreneurs who had high experience in France furniture, Taiwan Furniture, Norway Furniture and South Africa Furniture, Painted furniture, Classic Furniture. All of that country has build a furniture business relationship with the company until this day.

They have concentrated the business on Indoor furniture with Many styles and designs as like French furnitures, French painted furniture, Louise style furniture, Victorian Furniture, minimalist furniture, colonial furniture, regency furniture, davincy furniture etc.

They supply their customers with a source of high end quality handcrafted furnishings using Mahogany wood, Teak wood and Fruit wood all at the lowest prices possible. Moreover, the team supported by Experience craftsmanship who lives in Jepara Central Java Indonesia.

Mahogany Furniture From Jepara – Central Java

This mahogany furniture company is located in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. The company is about the producer of handmade furniture that distinguish the Java art furniture made of rustic teak and mahogany furniture.

The products are vary from the bed room set, living room set, accessories, and they can also handle the decoration set for your home. All products are made by skilled craftsman from Java.

Global Indonesia Manufacture

Global Indonesia

This company is a family owned manufacturing and trading company. The company operates from several locations in Central Java.

They are furniture wholesale suppliers at container volume, and not available in personal order. For adaption or innovation of new product lines they have in-house facilities for design, with potential for direct input from UK and American specialists. Any new design work is based on the extensive knowledge of the materials involved and an in depth awareness of the production capacity and potential.

The products are include of antique furniture, handicraft, garden furniture, mahogany furniture, rustic furniture and available for custom made order.

Pelathuk Furniture

Pelathuk Furniture

This is a manufacture for antique reproduction furniture since 1996. Located in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia.

The products are about mahogany chair and Dining room chair ,mahogany sofa, mahogany armoire , mahogany cabinet, mahogany bookcase, mahogany side boards and chest , mahogany buffet, mahogany wall table ,mahogany console , mahogany table and small table, mahogany desk, mahogany bureau, mahogany writing table, mahogany hallstand, mahogany coffee table, mahogany dining table, mahogany side table, mahogany lamp table, mahogany fire place, mahogany plantstand, mahogany dressing table, mahogany mirror, mahogany bedroom set, mahogany bedroomsince, mahogany bar.

They only use good quality mahogany timber which is released by Government.
To avoid from problems of shrinkage, split or other, they make sure that all of mahogany furniture component is reach not more than 12% MC.