CV. Aulia Jati Indofurni, Jepara


Aulia Jati Indofurni is a manufacturer, wholesale and international exporter of solid teak indoor and outdoor furniture. Since 1997 Aulia Jati produce world-class quality wooden furniture products focusing on Solid Teak Indoor and Outdoor Furniture. Aulia Jati has further expanded its Customers based on exporting to countries all over the world.

Aulia Jati Indofurni presents wide range of teak furniture at its finest with different design and models that fit customers` needs and taste, which have been proven as market leader and of utmost reliability.

Its indoor furniture collection is simply divided into five categories, beds, tables, buffets, cabinets and chairs. These collections are available in both simple design and fully ornamented furniture. Outdoor furniture includes teak garden furniture has various item like chairs and benches, tables and outdoor furniture sets e.g. steamers and loungers, recliners, tables, deep seating, family garden. Aulia Jati also provide teak umbrella and other outdoor furniture accessories. Teak furniture is never make the house looks dull and old since it is suitable both for traditional-style and for modern-style house.

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Mr. Maskur Zaenuri
Address: Jl. RA. Kardinah Ring Road Senenan, Jepara – Central Java
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Aulia Jati Furniture, Jepara – Central Java


Mostly native in South East Asian makes Indonesia as one of the countries that produce finest teak wood in the world. Indonesian teak wood comes from Indonesia’s rich forests, which now has been managed by government. It is in order to support the industry also as well as the sustainability of wood sources. Teak plantation in Indonesia prevents massive illegal logging that disrupting both the industry and the country. This illegal activity also brings great damages to mother earth and environment, landslide, flood, severe drought and more.

In the present day, more and more reliable companies are joining with natural preservation program to ensure customers that the companies use only certified and legal teak wood. It is good both for business and for natural preservation. Otherwise, teak wood from plantation is commonly has finest quality, which customers want for their teak furniture.
Teak outdoor furniture presented in variety of types and designs are widely available in stores and home suppliers. Teak benches, outdoor tables, comfortable teak sun bed, or other fancy outdoor accessories by Auliajati those are ready to enhance any outdoor living. As reliable teak outdoor furniture manufacturer, Auliajati guarantee you finest quality of teak wood furniture and serve only the best for customers.

For more info, please contact:
Mr. Maskur Zaenuri
Address: Jl. RA. Kardinah Ring Road Senenan, Jepara – Central Java
Phone: +62 291 594 414 – Fax : +62 291 594 414 – Mobile : +62 81 9140 10120

CV. Aulia Jati Indofurni, Jepara

auliajati3People may take in-depth consideration before purchasing teak furniture for garden and outdoor spaces, wonder if they make right choice and find appropriate pieces for them. As known for centuries, teak wood is one of the best materials for outdoor purposes, whether on the patio, porch, garden or backyard. Teak is just a perfect piece of outdoors and garden furniture even for generations.

Probably some people rather to choose outdoor furniture made from other materials that more inexpensive. As we know, teak wood is rather high-priced than other material, so it is not very popular as first on the list for budget furniture.  On the other hand, teak will come first in mind when people thinking of purchasing outdoors, whom also looking for quality and durability. In fact, the price you paid for teak furniture is worth for the quality of the furniture purchased. Some people due to its remarkable quality call the wood as Royal wood.

Teak wood is strong, dense, durable and commonly weather resistant. Teak will survive even in the worst season. Besides those advantages, teak is resistant also to insect, splintering, warping and other. It is certainly good reason why teak is expensive and still popular. Teak has natural oil and rubber that explain this entire excellent characteristic. Growing in regions that has dramatic climate changes believed that teak wood naturally resilient to nature’s forces.

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Mr. Maskur Zaenuri
Address: Jl. RA. Kardinah Ring Road Senenan, Jepara – Central Java
Phone: +62 291 594 414 – Fax: +62 291 594 414 – Mobile: +62 81 9140 10120

CV. Kusuma Furniture, Jepara


Marlboro Set
Inspired by the world famous architect Sir Edwin Lutyens this teak bench set comprises of several seating options meaning that you can entertain on your patio or place each individual piece in specific locations around your garden.

Made by our craftsmen  and detailed through recorded history, teak wood has been relied upon and trusted for its immense strength. This wood is highly respected for its durability. And we only recommend from our huge range of garden benches and garden seats, products that have been designed and tested specifically with the customers in mind. This Marlboro Set is very sturdy and will give you many years of service.

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CV. Kusuma Furniture
Head Office  : Jl. Dr. Susanto No. 81 Pati 59111, Central Java, Indonesia
Factory : Jl. Ratu Kalinyamat, Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia
Phone / Fax  : +62 291 592961
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Teak Garden Furniture

This is a teak furniture manufacturing company located in the city of Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. We are direct manufacturers and exporters of high quality of teak outdoor furniture, teak garden and teak patio furniture, and teak accessories. They use high grade material and kiln dried wood and air dried wood to get best result for highest requirements and specifications.

Their premium quality teak patio furniture is manufactured with premium quality teak wood sourced that selected from legal government teak plantations. The teak wood is carefully selected and then manufactured in machines made process using mortise & tenon jointing processes to insure all joints fit tight and clean and will not separate or split apart also handmade to produce beautiful and artistic aspect.

The finished product is then hand sanded until it is velvety smooth. All of the premium grade teak outdoor furniture is left in its natural state and it is not apply any teak oil or other finishing solvents, stains, or varnishes. Just pure and beautiful natural teak wood. From the wood selection process, to the saw milling, raw materials preparation, component cutting, assembly, finishing, packing and loading, and under the skil full team work

Pree Furniture

Pree Furniture is company manufacturer and Exporter of Teak Garden Furniture and Teak Colonial Indoor Furniture. They only used the best teak wood kiln dried from Perum Perhutani INDONESIA as goverment owned with the management of forest in Java. Because the best quality of teak wood is come from Java Plantation. This hardwood is renowned for its strength and stability and have a nice of natural color. Carefully designed to provide both architectural beauty and comfort. They offer Wholesale Price of Teak Outdoor Furniture, Teak Garden Furniture, teak patio furniture, Garden benches, Outdoor chairs, Garden Table, Steamer, Sun Lounger, Adirondack, canvas chair, Oval extendable table, rectangular table, backless bench, bench 3 seater, classic bench, dinning chair, folding arm chair, bar chair, reclining chair, Chaise Pliante, table Ovale a rallonge, Lounges, teck meubles, brass accesories furniture, Antique Colonial Indoor Furniture, Patio Sets, Rattan-Banana-Seagrass Furniture, Wicker furniture, Synthetic products and others furnitures From Indonesia Manufacture and exporter Company.

Java Garden Furniture

The Java Garden Furniture is the furniture exporter, supplier and manufacturer of the finest quality of antique mahogany furniture and french style furniture for wholesale customer and retail. They provide numerous kinds of wood furniture wholesale of home decoration including armoire, cabinet, display cabinet, beds, bed chest, dressing table, sideboard, buffet, hall stand, fire place, chair, stool, sofa, king chair, dining table, table, writing desk, small item, mirror, towel, boxes, stand rack, painted furniture (whitewash), indoor furniture, classic furniture, teak garden furniture and combination wood and rattan furniture, woven furniture lines, and etc.

The company is located in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia and it was build since 1996, they offers various kinds of teak garden furniture made to the highest quality in a wide of variety of garden furniture products including dining set, teak cushion, teak umbrella, cushion for lounger, cushion for steamer, and a lot more products with the lowest price.

The Teak Garden Furniture

This company is a producer and Exporter of High Quality Teak garden furniture that established in 1996, as Indonesian Company. They manage all daily operations, working together with a team. Weekly 4 to 5 Containers are exported to various countries in Europe and USA also in middle east.

This is committed to be much more than just a supplier of more commodity. Attaching great value to long term relationships.

This furniture company is very focused on quality. Every years they present more than 30 models, in different styles. The quality controls work on every item in each stage of production, and analyzed both new existing models. The combination of an original and personalized design, with reliability and a continuously high quality, guarantees high profit margin for the buyers.

Teak Furniture For Your Outdoor Space And Garden

This is a manufacturer for quality garden furniture. There are lots of fine hand built furniture which accurately reproduce the world’s greatest styles. It is chairs, tables, seating and more, after the fashions of Chippendale, Louis XV, American Victorian, and French Country Furniture.

The company brings you important pieces of furniture, as well as other outstanding styles in traditional teak. Each piece of furniture is built by hand, and carved by hand, from plantation-grown teak solids and veneers.

Located in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia, this furniture company is originally brings the history to your home.

Garden Furniture Made From Teak Wood Material

This is an export-oriented furniture company. The office and warehouse are located in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia.

Established in 1997, the furniture is focusing on producing world-class quality wooden furniture products of Solid teak Outdoor and Indoor Furniture. The exported product is going world wide with major country of Asia, Europe and USA.

All the making process is running under the skillful staffs and under the quality tight control. Starting from choosing the materials, processing, constructing, finishing to packaging, set up the high standard of controlling is the way to keep the best quality. Moreover, it supported with modern wood working machinery and production quality control that is managed and operated by dedicated and professional team.

The products are contain of indoor and outdoor furniture. In Indoor concern on bed, buffet, cabinet, chair and table. While in outdoor, they making Folding Chair, Chair and Bench, Tables, Planters, Trolly, Swing and Glider, Lazy Susan, Garden Family, Steamer and Loungers, Teak Umbrella & Garden Lamp, Recliners, Bar, Deep Seating and Accessories.