/A Vintage Style For Nowdays House Decoration

A Vintage Style For Nowdays House Decoration

Who says vintage style of home decor tends to be stiff and out of date? Conversely, a touch of vintage in today’s home can actually make home decor look more unique. Especially if you start decorating the house with minimal costs. Well, maybe it’s time you use secondhand items into vintage decorations at home.

vintage wall decor

You can use patchwork fabrics with unique and old-fashioned patterns, as vintage decoration. Your patchwork can be made into pillowcases, wall decorations, curtains and more. Of course you can be creative in such a way with the patchwork to get the vintage impression you want.

While, the must have item for vintage decoration design is a medium-sized flower vase completed with several flower stalks. This flower vase can be placed on a coffee table or dining table as a focal point of the room.

As optional items, vintage designs can also use mirrors and antique clocks. The antique mirror is usually square or oval with wooden frame that has beautiful carving. Whereas the clock uses an analog clock that hung on the wall or a large clock completed with pendulum.

House vintage design, will dominated with specific motifs that applied to some items in the house. The motifs that usually used for vintage designs are floral motifs, leaves, birds, and repetitive abstract motifs. The motifs are usually applied to some walls, pillowcases, curtains, and cutlery.