/Caring for a Jepara Carved Chair to Stay Durable and Look Like New

Caring for a Jepara Carved Chair to Stay Durable and Look Like New

Sofa is one of the furniture items in every home. The materials used in the process of making sofas are also very diverse, from the materials used as the sofa frame, to the materials used as the jog sofa material. Starting from the model, shape and price vary greatly and of course have different levels of durability. Then how to care for the Japanese carved sofa chair so that it remains durable and looks like new?

Most of the sofas designed in wood frame, although there are parts of the wood that completely covered and only the legs are visible. However, what is meant this time is that the sofa frame used is all made of wood, as we often find in typical carved sofa furniture from Jepara. Furniture from Jepara is famous for its very beautiful and very classy carving details. In addition, the price is also very expensive compared to other types of sofas. So it’s a shame if a sofa purchased at a very expensive price is never cared for and just left alone. That’s why this time we discuss about the tips for caring for a Jepara carved sofa chair to keep it durable and look like new at home, so that the sofa always looks cool and looks maintained like new again.

To make the sofa always look new and look clean, the first thing to do is clean the sofa regularly. To get maximum results, don’t forget to also clean the part between the carvings, because usually this part is the most common place for dirt and dust to gather, which if left too long, dirt will be more difficult to clean. To clean between the carvings that are difficult to reach by hand, you can also clean them with tools such as brushes or other tools. If you don’t have a brush, you can also use a soft old toothbrush.

Usually when cleaning the sofa, the most frequent and the most widely used is water. In fact, if the furniture exposed to water too often, the color of the sofa will fade and quickly become dull. That’s why if the sofa is only dusty and not too dirty, there is no need to clean it using water. Besides that, when the water used to clean the sofa has not dried when cleaning it, it will invites a new problem, it is fungus. To clean stubborn dirt that is difficult to remove, inevitably you have to use water, but there are also liquids that can be used instead of water, namely cleaning fluids and special polishes for furniture that can be found in paint shops and varnish shops around.

Well, a humid place besides being able to trigger the mold, can also make the sofa smell musty. For this reason, do not placed the sofa in a humid place, usually close to bathrooms, restrooms and so on. In addition to the two problems above, a damp place can also make the finishing color quickly damaged and peeled off. And for certain types of wood, humid temperatures will also make the wood easy to rot and eventually the sofa can break easily due to weathering.