/Caring for Wooden Furniture So It’s Not Easily Poros

Caring for Wooden Furniture So It’s Not Easily Poros

When you want to decorate your house with wooden furniture, you have to be smart in caring for it so that it doesn’t crack, fade, or get dirty quickly. Here’s how to care for wooden furniture to keep it nice and durable.

Don’t Be Directly Exposed to Heat
Wooden furniture has moisture content in it. Therefore, do not be exposed to heat directly because it can cause cracked wood furniture. Including placed in the yard so that it can be exposed to the sun without any obstructions. Wood color can also fade if it is often exposed to sunlight. You should not placed wooden chairs or tables near stoves or fireplaces.

Not Soaked in Water
Avoid immersing wooden furniture in water. Nor you wash it directly with water because it can damage the surface of the furniture. It is better if you prepare warm water and a sponge to wash it. Dip a little soap into the water to clean it. Use a toothbrush to brush in tough corners. After that, finish by taking a damp cloth to wipe the entire surface.

Always Use Coasters and Plates
To keep a wooden table good and durable, you should always use coasters and plates when serving food on it. Otherwise, there is wet or hot stains leave on the table surface.

Frequently Cleaned
Many people are lazy to clean their furniture. It can cause chairs, tables, or wooden cabinets dirty and dusty. You have to regularly clean wooden furniture. After cleaning, don’t forget to coat it with tablecloth.

Use Shoe Polish
Use shoe polish to hide cracks in old furniture. Choose the same color as the surface of your furniture. During the rainy season, you should insert a wooden chair into the house so that it is not exposed to direct water during the rainy season.