/Caring for Wooden Wardrobe to Make it Lasting

Caring for Wooden Wardrobe to Make it Lasting

Wardrobe is one of the important pieces of furniture to complement the interior of the house. Until now, wooden wardrobes are still in great demand because they are durable and have a variety of designs. The process of caring for wooden cabinets is actually not difficult as long as you do it carefully.
If the wooden wardrobe get damaged, it not only makes you have to buy a new one, but it is also prone to damage the items you store in it. For that, you should take care of wooden wardrobe with these few easy tips so that they always maintain their durability.

Don’t be lazy to unload your closet
Many people are lazy to unpack the wooden wardrobe or closet content because they are too busy. In fact, it is important to clean the inside part of wooden wardrobe so that you can check the things in it. You can immediately clean the damp and moldy. Do not use damp wardrobe to store items as this will further damage the wardrobe.

Keep Closets away from Walls
Usually the closet placed against the wall, especially if your house in small size. Placing the closet close to the wall considered effective in saving space. Actually, this trivial thing makes the closet vulnerable to damp and mold. It would be better if you give a distance of at least 5 cm between the wall and the cupboard. This distance will facilitate air circulation so it is effective to prevent damp.

Avoid Newspaper for Closets
One habits that many people do to their wooden cabinets is to use newspapers as the base of the wardrobe. This habit should be avoided. Because newsprint material can be the best food source for mold, mites, and fleas. Your wooden cabinets are more susceptible to moisture and mold due to the newsprint base. You only need to thoroughly clean the closet before using it to store clothes, displays, or other items.

Dry Your Closet with Hair Dryer
Not many people know that a hair dryer can be used to treat wooden cabinets. You can dry the entire cabinet with a hair dryer so that the cabinet free of moisture and harmful microorganisms. Leave the dried wardrobe for a few moments so that the temperature returns to normal before filling it with items. Do the drying process with a hair dryer regularly to get the best results.

Clean the Closet with a Dry Wipe
The outside and inside of dirty cabinets should be cleaned thoroughly with a dry cloth, so that the dust and dirt that sticks can removed completely. Do not use a wet cloth because the water content is prone to causing mold growth on wooden cabinets.

Coat the Cabinet with Polish
The outside of the wooden cabinet must also treated carefully so that the quality of the wood has maintained and looks attractive. That is why you should regularly coat the outside of wooden cabinets with liquid polish, because the liquid will highlight the natural luster of wood cabinets and make the wood more resistant to termite attacks. Cleaning wooden cabinets becomes even more practical when you prepare quality polishing liquid.

Put the Camphor in the Wardrobe
Camphor is a great solution to damp and smelly wooden cabinets. The content of camphor is also very effective in preventing the proliferation of microorganisms in the cupboard. If you don’t like the smell of camphor which is a bit pungent, choose the odorless and neatly camphor packaged in a special bag. Do not forget to fill the mothballs periodically to replace the running out mothballs.

From now on, make sure that you take care of your wooden cabinets in the right way. Thus, your favorite wooden cabinet will always last a long time and look like new furniture.