/Get to Know About Rustic Finishing Furniture Design

Get to Know About Rustic Finishing Furniture Design

For fans of antique furniture, of course, you are familiar with the Rustic Furniture Finishing. Rustic itself can be interpreted with old, rust, not smooth, rough, traditional, disproportionate and not finished perfectly. However, in the literature on Jepara Furniture finishing, the word rustic has turned into antique furniture that seems flawed due to the erosion process that over time erodes the surface of the wood.

This type of finishing is processed by damaging the surface of the furniture wood pores with a special brush that aims to remove the wood grain. The texture of the wood grain becomes layered with different depth levels. The appearance of this finishing will make the furniture look more ancient, antique and erosional. This damage is not in negative word but a skill that trained to change the appearance of new wood to the old one due to erosion. Erosion itself means the erosion of the outermost layer of wood (wood pores) due to changes in weather that lasts for years, so that the wood grain looks deeper and uneven.

This technique uses an iron brush that connected to a grinding machine and must be carried out by a professional person. It would be very dangerous if the bristles of this iron brush were cut off and bounced on the skin. In case of finishing accident, the iron bristles of this brush get into the eye and caused blindness. The rustic finish is no longer wild but arranged with certain abstract pattern.

For the coating itself, use open pore materials such as Nitro Celuloose, Teak Oil, Aqua Polyture or Waterbase. Even though it seems rough, it is still smooth when touched because it has been coated with finishing materials. For finishing colors, usually use brown or brown bark to strengthen rustic accents.

Unfinished Rustic
Raw materials that directly assembled into furniture and only coated with open pore finishing materials. Smoothing of wood by sanding manually or by hand.

Smooth Rustic Finished
The floating rustic process is carried out with a manual iron brush and only removes the wood grain on the outermost part or the wood pores. It goes well with natural designs or trendy Scandinavian furniture. This technique is used for finishing wash & glaze.

Medium Rustic
According to the experience as furniture manufacturers, the medium level is the most ideal rustic level. The antique look and rustic erosion are still polite for you to placed in a modern or minimalist home.

Hard Rustic
The most extreme level of erosion to bring out the dramatization of antiques and very old furniture. This type of rustic is special for those who really understand the value of antiquity and wood erosion.

All furniture concepts can applied to rustic finish. The rustic concept is more inclined to display or show the appearance of ancient furniture and has been degraded for a long time. This is shown by the grained surface of the furniture wood that forms a varied erosion pattern.