/Getting to Know Folding Doors: Advantages, and Disadvantages

Getting to Know Folding Doors: Advantages, and Disadvantages

Currently, folding doors can be said to be popular for contemporary house. Folding doors are in good demand because their operations do not take up much space. In addition, a folding door that has a lot of doors can also used as a substitute for room dividing wall. With various functions, advantages and disadvantages, as well as types, let’s see why folding doors can be the right door choice for your home.

Folding door function
As mentioned earlier, folding doors are flexible because in addition to functioning as a door between spaces, folding doors can also used as room partitions in closed position. Folding doors are also effective for closing garages, shops, factories, or workshops. By using a glass-paneled folding door, this building element can function as a window for light to enter.

Advantages of folding doors
Compared to ordinary doors, folding doors can increase the visual aesthetics of a room. In addition, the room that applied this door also looks wider, because the folding door in the open position will maximize the excellent connectivity between spaces. In addition to adding the beauty, the large opening of the folding door also allows maximum sunlight to enter the room, so that the room is brighter. The wide-spread folding door structure can even cover one area of ​​the wall which makes air circulation smooth. Mainly, with folding doors, the interior of the house will be much more spacious and bright.

Disadvantages of folding doors
Compared to conventional doors, folding doors are more expensive. The installation process is more complex than the usual door installation process. In addition, there is no boundary zone between the outside and the interior of the house or threshold (if a folding door installed as one of the external doors) can carry the water entering the house when the door not closed tightly.

Folding door model
Generally, folding doors in homes can be identified by the number of doors that can be folded. You can find double doors, triple doors, quad doors, and so on. From the material side of the door, you can choose a solid door that formed from one particular material. You can also choose a door with combination material, for example metal/wood with glass.