/How to Get Rid of Mold on Wooden Furniture

How to Get Rid of Mold on Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture is always liked by many people because the model is elegant and never seems out of date. If you have wooden furniture, you have to take care of it regularly. Do not let mold grow on your wooden furniture until it finally changes color and becomes weathered. However, don’t worry if your wooden furniture is already moldy and looks worn out. You can do a number of ways and the following powerful tips to eradicate mold on wooden furniture.

Applying Wood Cleaning Liquid Evenly
The first way you can do to deal with moldy wood furniture is to apply wood cleaning fluid. Prepare a quality wood cleaning fluid and apply it evenly on the surface of the furniture, especially on the moldy parts. You should do this several times until your favorite furniture is completely clean of mold.

Putting Alcohol on All Sides of Furniture
If you’re having trouble getting wood cleaner, you can use alcohol as an alternative. The alcohol content is also effective in eradicating mold on wooden furniture. It is very easy to use, you just need to put alcohol on all sides of the furniture evenly. Mold that still attached to wooden furniture will die immediately after exposure to alcohol.

Drying Furniture in the Sun
Mold is susceptible to growing on furniture because it is affected by high humidity. If your furniture is made of teak or other wood that is resistant to sunlight, you can dry the furniture directly in the sun. Dry it for about half an hour every day. Exposure to sunlight will inhibit the growth of fungi and even make the fungus die quickly.

Putting Moist Air Absorbing Products
High humidity, which is the root cause of moldy wood furniture, can be overcome with moisture-absorbing products. The product can be placed in a damp cupboard and replaced with new products on a regular basis. If the humidity is reduced, the risk of mold growth can be minimized.

Putting Camphor Around Furniture
The aroma and content of camphor ingredients are very effective in preventing the growth of fungi. Therefore, you should always placed camphor around wooden furniture, especially inside cupboards. Don’t forget to add new camphor if the old camphor doesn’t smell good and will run out soon.

Installing Lights Around Furniture
Not all wooden furniture can be dried in direct sunlight. Wood that is susceptible to sunlight can experience changes in texture and damage quickly. Instead, you can install lights around wooden furniture. The heat from the lamp will minimize the growth of mold on the surface of the wooden furniture.

Coating Furniture with Varnish
Varnish not only serves to beautify the appearance of wooden furniture. In fact, coating moldy wood furniture with varnish is also effective in restoring its beauty. Choose a quality varnish that matches the color of the wood furniture. Then, first clean the moldy furniture before you polish the surface with varnish paint evenly.

Scrubbing Furniture Surfaces with Lime And Salt
Not many people know that a mixture of lime and salt is effective in overcoming the problem of moldy wood furniture. The method is very practical, you just need to sprinkle salt on the surface of the wooden furniture that is overgrown with fungus and then rub it with lime that has been split. The acid content of lime mixed with salt will completely destroy the fungus on the wood surface. After scrubbing the surface of the furniture with salt and lime, don’t forget to fan the furniture until it is completely dry.

Covering the Closet with Paper Pad
Damp clothes that direct contact with wooden cabinets are also prone to moldy. One practical solution that you can do is to install a paper pad on the inside of the wardrobe so that your clothes not in direct contact with the surface of the wooden cabinet. The risk of moldy wood furniture can also be avoided if your closet is always clean and dry.

Don’t let it be too late to save moldy wooden furniture that is damaged and can’t be used anymore. It’s time to take care of furniture in the right way so that it is more durable and always looks attractive.