/How To Keep Wooden Furniture During Rainy Season

How To Keep Wooden Furniture During Rainy Season

For various reasons, the rainy season is very beautiful and welcomed. But they can also be a troublesome season in number of ways. For example, wood furniture and fittings get bad effects during the rainy season. They can be seriously damaged and look unsightly if you don’t treat them well. Even though the weather is perfect for staying dry in the comfort of your home, is your furniture truly safe from the things that are always feared? Keep your furniture rain free with these easy but effective tips.

wood furniture and fittings get bad effects during the rainy season

Put a little distance
The walls tend to be humid during the rainy season and this moisture might move to the surface of the furniture. Avoid this by sliding the sofa, wardrobe, closet, and others furniture about six inches from the wall. This will reduce the amount of moisture, keep wood dry, and not violate your interior decor much.

Dry clean
In general, we tend to use a piece of damp cloth to clean things. During the rainy season, this is not recommended. It only adds moisture and injures wooden furniture. During this season more than others, use a dry and clean cloth to wipe away your wooden items. Use dry ones to avoid dust accumulation. Dust absorbs moisture and can make wood to soften.

A well-ventilated interior is the best way to remove moisture from the room. This can also help keep furniture awake because of the dry air movement of the wood. Therefore, it is a good idea to have a cross ventilated room with the window open, when you want to ensure proper care of wooden furniture.

Re-Polish The Furniture
Depending on the polish on the furniture, always apply lacquer or varnish at least once every two years to fill the pores and increase its age by preventing the swelling of wood during the rainy season. An easy way to do this is to use varnish spray that available at the nearest hardware store.