/How to Make Plywood Furniture Look Elegant in the Room

How to Make Plywood Furniture Look Elegant in the Room

Want to decorate your house with wood, but afraid that your budget won’t be enough? Try to choose a type of processed wood called plywood or what is also called multiplex. This processed wood is formed from a number of bark which are stacked, layered and compacted. Although the price is cheaper than solid wood, the quality is good for home interior standards. Unlike particle board and MDF which are formed from wood powder and chips, plywood is stronger, water and weather resistant, and the final result is better, almost like solid wood. Interested in making plywood-based furniture, along with the inspiration.

On the side of this processed wood board, there are layers of bark which are the raw material. Therefore, this type of wood looks good on shelves at home.

Instead of making a particle board cabinet that is not moisture resistant, it’s a good idea to turn to plywood for kitchen storage needs. Yes, you can make a kitchen cabinet from plywood. Not from powder and chips, the end result looks like solid wood. However, the price is much more affordable.

Plywood has advantages in terms of load-bearing strength. That is why it can be applied even as a cot mattress. Of course, you should choose plywood that is thick enough for these needs. In addition, if you can only use a cot, the sofabed base is not a problem for this plywood. Please make a sofa as well as storage in the living room.

If you are not sure about making it the main furniture, plywood magic will be just a decorative accessory. For example a headboard for a mattress which is also equipped with a mini bedside table. Or you can also make a large window seat like in film scenes. Just make it from plywood that is held and given a solid support. Just add a sponge or pad.

You can also make Scandinavian-style furniture from plywood. For example a folding table, sturdy, clean, and fashionable. Or a bookshelf with a floating design if you want your room looks more eclectic. And because it is quite waterproof, many designers do not hesitate to placed plywood for the sink in the bathroom. It even becomes a mirror frame as well as a cosmetic table.