/Indonesia Vintage Furniture in Livingroom Set

Indonesia Vintage Furniture in Livingroom Set

Vintage design is able to provide a luxurious and elegant look to the living room. The vintage design is made by displaying carvings, accents, distinctive furniture and expensive impression, as well as cheerful shades and timeless style.

Indonesia vintage livingroom set

Vintage design has a very beautiful appearance, warm and elegant. Creating a living room with vintage design would require a fairly expensive budget. But not to worry, there are many ways to create a luxurious and elegant vintage design space without expensive cost. For those of you who like vintage style but have limited budget, you still can display a vintage impression by replacing your living room furniture set with carved furniture. Tables and chairs are the main furniture to display vintage style. You can get it from used furniture so you don’t need to buy a new one.

The vintage impression of furniture in Indonesia is marked by carved tables and chairs with dark finishing such as dark brown or dark gray. Made from qualified wood materials and carved by wood craftsmen, vintage tables and chairs give the expensive impression. Because indeed, almost all vintage furniture is made of Teak wood which is the price is indeed expensive.

The furniture in the picture above is one example of vintage furniture sets that are usually placed in the living room. Because it is made of hardwood, vintage furniture weighs more than modern furniture. This vintage-style furniture is still being produced till today because it is still well-liked by many people. One of the furniture producer areas that still produces vintage style furniture is Jepara. You can order or buy it directly in Jepara so you can choose the color or shape that you like.