/Minimalist and Modern Wooden Table Models

Minimalist and Modern Wooden Table Models

Using a minimalist wooden table as furniture in the house definitely gives a different feel. The presence of wooden table in the room gives an ethnic and natural impression. The house felt warm and more familiar so that it makes the member of the house feel more comfortable.

Wooden tables have unique characteristics and have variety of attractive appearances. Aside from being a decoration, wooden table also has an important function and chosen by many people because of its simple shape but gives modern impression. Wooden tables are chosen because they are very visually attractive, have variety of models, and have a strong natural impression. Here are some models of wooden tables that are often used as furniture in the house.

Two Stacked Table Model
This minimalist wooden table consists of two pieces of wood arranged in tiers. One piece serves as a base, while the piece above serves as a table surface. Between the wood, inserted an iron plate as a support for the table surface. You can use the empty space between the two pieces of wood as a place to put magazines, newspapers, or photo albums.

Wall Mounted Desk Model
This model is very unique and modern because it has no any legs. This table is set with one side firmly against the wall. When not in use you can fold it up to stick to the wall. This model is very efficient and can save space so it is suitable for small houses.

Combination of Wood and Glass
This minimalist wooden table model combines the use of wood and glass. This table uses glass as the surface of the table while wood placed on the sides. The legs of the table are made of stainless steel to firmly support the heavy material on it.