/Protect The Furniture Without Covering Its Unique Texture

Protect The Furniture Without Covering Its Unique Texture

Finishing for wooden furniture not only makes it look attractive but also functioned as a protector against moisture, water, and other weather influences. Apply finishing can be done by coat it using sheet coating material or with non-transparent paint or transparent finishing. The transparent finish will not covering the original texture of the furniture but still protecting it.

This type of finishing material is usually in flakes or bars which are then melted with alcohol. There are also ready-to-use ones with the right proportion of alcohol. Polish applied using a cloth or brush. Polish able to change layers and can used for interior and exterior. Only, because the layer is thin, it is easy to fade. Therefore, it must be resurfaced frequently if you want you wooden furniture look more beautiful.

NC (Nitrocellulose)
Often also called Lacquer. NC classified as an environmentally friendly coating material because it is made of resin. Unfortunately, this type of coating is rarely found because the raw materials are scarce. This material forms a film that is waterproof, but not strong enough to withstand scratches or physical impacts. NC applied with compressed air or using a brush.

The surface of the wood with this finish looks very smooth because the pores are covered by thicker layer of film. Unfortunately, it is difficult to re-coat and smells bad after application. As an anticipation in a room that uses furniture with melamine upholstery, it is suggested to open windows with good circulation conditions. There are 2 finishing options, named doff and gloss. This type of coating is only suitable to placed inside the house (interior) and can applied by spray or brush.

PU (Polyurethane)
The finishing result is similar to melamic coating. It’s just that the PU film layer is thicker so it looks like plastic. This makes the wood surface no longer look natural. Compared to melamic, PU has the advantage that it does not emit a strong odor, so it is safe for health. However, the price is still very expensive so it is still rarely used by carpenters as a coating material. Application using a spray or brush.