/The Best Type of Wood for Making Chairs

The Best Type of Wood for Making Chairs

One of forest products that is widely used by most people is wood. Wood can be processed into various needs such as paper, furniture, fuel, and so on. Indonesia is a paradise for high quality wood. Then, what kind of quality wood is suitable for chairs or other furniture material?

Teak Wood
Who does not know this type of wood? Teak is the first rank of best quality wood. In addition to the hard and durable character of the wood, teak wood also has beautiful fiber pattern and texture, so that it displays an elegant and luxurious impression on any furniture made from this easy-to-process wood. Another advantage of teak wood is the oil content in teak which makes it resistant to fungi, termites, and other types of insects. Although the price is expensive, until now, teak is still the main choice of furniture hunters around the world.

The second best type of wood that can be used for furniture is mahogany. Compared to teak, mahogany wood has more affordable price. Mahogany wood is widely used by furniture craftsmen when they want to make good quality furniture at a slightly cheaper price. The wood, which is widely used for guitar bodies, has a fairly smooth texture, beautiful fibers with pink to dark red patterns. The good character of the wood makes mahogany widely referred to as a material for household furniture, such as chairs, tables, cabinets, couches, doors, and so on.

Sonokeling Wood
The third type of wood that widely used to make furniture is rosewood. This wood is widely used because of its unique character. Dark red or purple colors with natural dark black lines and very hard type (even harder than ebony) make this wood much favored by furniture craftsmen. Not only that, the very fine grain of rosewood with attractive grains like teak makes every household utensil made of this type of wood look very elegant. In addition, rosewood is also waterproof so it is durable and not easy to mold. In some places, rosewood is often called sonobrits, palisander, Indian wood, and or sono sungu.

Acacia Wood
You must have seen the acacia tree. This tree is often found on the roadside in Indonesia as a shade. Well, this acacia wood is also widely used by furniture craftsmen to make various products, include chairs, tables, doors, and more. The character of acacia which looks similar to teak and its very strong texture makes this wood on the list as one of the most hunted woods. In addition, this wood is also quite resistant to insect attacks because of its high level of hardness. However, this wood has a drawback, that it cannot be in direct contact with water, soil, or humid air temperatures so it is easily exposed to mold.

Sengon Wood
The next chair wood material is sengon wood. Often called albasia wood, sengon is a type of wood that widely used by furniture craftsmen to produce variety of furniture, such as tables, chairs, doors, chests, and other products. The disadvantages of this wood are its rough texture, the unpleasant smell that comes out when the wood still wet also makes this wood less demanded. However, the smell will gradually disappear when the wood has started to dry.

Pine Wood
The next wood is pine wood. This wood is often referred to as Dutch teak because of its good texture like teak wood, of course the price is also cheaper than its twin. Its character which is slightly similar to teak, its smooth texture, easy to process and shaped, and of course in lower price, makes this wood quite salable in the market. However, this wood has several disadvantages, such as not able to withstand mildew and humid weather so that it is easily weathered by fungi.

Camphor Wood
Slightly descended from pine wood, the last type of wood that often used to make chairs and other household furniture is camphor wood. Camphor wood has almost the same characteristics as mahogany, including the red color of the wood with smooth texture. However, the wood that is commonly found on Borneo island priced higher than mahogany wood. Chairs and tables in office buildings are generally made of camphor wood.

After reading the types of wood as main material of chairs or other household furniture above, have you decided which material you will use? All back to you, just adjust to the needs and budget that you have allocated. Be creative with quality Indonesian wood.