/Types of Wood For Outdoor Decking

Types of Wood For Outdoor Decking

You need to know, although wooden decking is made of solid wood, not all types of wood are suitable for outdoor use. Don’t be wrong when choosing wood decking for outdoor. You should choose hardwood that more durable, resistant to weather changes, and able to withstand fungal and pest attacks. These types of wood include:

Bengkirai Wood
Bengkirai wood is the choice because it is easy to process. This type of wood is easy to cut, grate, and carve. The texture is slightly rough and the durability varies depending on the age of the wood. Bengkirai wood has a brownish yellow color with lighter sapwood. Bengkirai wood has many fans, in addition to its strength and durability which is quite good, the price of Bengkirai wood decking is also the cheapest compared to others.

Merbau Wood
Merbau wood has the number 1 quality and is resistant to weather and fungal attacks. The reddish brown color is very harmonious when used as a terrace floor. If you want to use this wood, you should not place it in an area that is often exposed to water. This is because Merbau wood will release red sap if it is exposed to water too often, thereby reducing its beauty.

Ulin wood or iron wood has no doubt its quality as a decking material. The hardness level is classified as class 1, so it is suitable for outdoor decking. Ulin wood cannot be nailed, if you want to make holes in it, then you have to use a drill to get through the wood. The more exposed to water, the denser the wood structure. This results in ironwood often being used as floor decking near swimming pools.

Thus a brief review of outdoor wood decking. You can choose various types of wood as a decking material, but adjust the designation so that the wood decking remains strong and maintains its quality.