/Unique Tables from Slab Tree

Unique Tables from Slab Tree

To create a unique and impressive work of art and can be used as decoration at home, wood pieces can actually be used. Unused pieces of wood can be transformed into a variety of unique works of art such as flower vases, tables, candle holders to wall clocks.

In the picture above is a table made of slab tree pieces without modification. The table top is cut from one big tree. This is called the scale of the tree, allowed to dry naturally. This “drying” process helps prevent excessive cracking on the table. The end result is a perfect blend of organic warmth and contemporary coolness, suitable for any style or arrangement.

This kind of tables are often used at home, placed in the living room, but many corporates use them to add unique touches in managerial offices, boardrooms, and hotels. By combining it with other furniture pieces, this unique table will become a focal point in a room. Knowing the right combination is only part of the problem. Finding a piece of wood that has the right shape and size is not as easy as you think.

If the size of the table is small, you can have two or three tables in the same room. It helps if they have different heights and even tops in different sizes. However, the design must be similar. Not all live-edge tables have very complicated and very detailed bosses. It all has to do with the origin of the log.