/Wooden Bench Models That Make a More Natural Feel

Wooden Bench Models That Make a More Natural Feel

Furniture is an important element to beautify the appearance of the house. One of the furniture that is always there and needed is a wooden bench. This bench is usually placed on the terrace at the edge of the house or in the garden. As a place to relax while enjoying the fresh air outside the house, the model between a park bench and an ordinary bench is not much different. You can at any time redecorate the garden and rearrange the benches in your home. Usually people prefer a simple and minimalist model.

Simple Wooden Bench Model
If you like simple things, simple bench model is perfect for your home. Not much accent, the bench made of long wooden planks with legs made of wooden blocks. This bench model is made without a backrest. So it looks more concise. To beautify its appearance, you can paint it. You can also use varnish to maintain the natural color of the wood.

Modern Minimalist Style
A minimalist bench model with a modern feel will be perfect for your casual house style. Suitable for terrace of the house or even in the house. This bench has backrest to make it comfort, so you can lean on. You can use white paint or other natural colors to enhance the look. This bench model is more comfortable to use for you to spend time in front of the house. The model is not monotonous, so it is suitable for use in a modern minimalist concept house.

Curved Wooden Bench Model
Are you like unique things? Maybe a curved bench model is suitable for your home. Usually, straight and flat bench models have been widely used. So you feel you need something different. Curved bench is more suitable for use as garden chair to add natural feel to the garden. Maintain the natural color of the wood by simply varnishing it.

Wooden Stool Model
Bringing a different atmosphere to the house is not wrong. One of them is by creating a contemporary cafe-style home atmosphere. Usually the cafe uses industrial-style wooden benches. A bench made of wooden planks with a frame and legs made of black iron would be great. You can add a table with similar design to complement your garden bench to make it look more aesthetic.

Swing Wooden Bench Model
The swing bench model is rarely used especially if you have children. The swing bench is definitely very suitable for use in the home garden. Besides being able for relax, this swing bench can also used for your children’s play area at home. The swing bench model is quite innovative and unique. You can make it like making a regular bench model with a backrest. Then make a swing support post and attach it to the bench using a very strong iron chain or rope. Be sure to review the security, so that children can play safely.

Which wooden bench model would you like to make at home? Be sure to use high quality wood and materials to be more durable and not easily damaged. Hopefully the inspiration for the bench model above can be useful.