/Wooden Stairs Model Inspiration to Make Your Home Look Cool

Wooden Stairs Model Inspiration to Make Your Home Look Cool

One solution for minimalist house is to increase the floor of the house. Not surprisingly, stairs are an important element that must present in a multi-storey house. Various materials can be used as stairs, such as iron, concrete, or wood, both the steps of the stairs, and the structure of the stairs themselves. Each material used certainly has its advantages and disadvantages.

Wooden stairs are also in great demand because by choosing the right type of wood, the cost of the stairs can be cheaper, and the process is also much faster. Wooden stairs can give natural impression to the home as well as being suitable material for minimalist designs.

Spiral wooden staircase model
Stair models are very diverse, not only straight and elongated. There is also a spiral staircase model. Spiral or circular stairs are stairs that use a circular way to go up from the lower floor to the upper floor. Spiral stairs can be equipped with wooden steps so that every step feels comfortable on the feet. By using wooden stairs, the aesthetics of the house are also increasingly felt because of the attractive character of the wooden stairs. In addition, this model is also very suitable for homes on small land because it does not take up much space.

Floating wooden stairs
Currently, the model of wooden staircase with a floating concept quite often appears in various home designs. This model staircase looks so light that makes the view and the room in the house more spacious. Especially with the bottom of the stairs that empty and bright. You can use this area as an additional space in the house. This wooden staircase model can be designed without railings or with vertical railings. The decision to add or remove railings must be considered based on the condition of the members of the house. If you have small children, it is better if the floating wooden stair has a railing to be safe.

Wooden stairs and storage
Many innovations can be done so that wooden stairs do not only function as a liaison between floors. Currently, various models of wooden stairs are designed to be multifunctional, as well as a place for storage, for example. You can placed the storage area on the wooden stairs in two ways, either on the steps or under the stairs. You can adjust it according to your needs. This wooden staircase model is a solution so that the house is always neatly organized.

The combination of wood and glass materials on the stairs
Wood material can be considered as one of the most flexible materials in terms of the suitability of this material to fit into various designs. Therefore, wooden stairs can mixed with various other materials. One of them is glass. By combining wood and glass, a warm and modern impression is created. Glass can be used as a wooden stair railing so that the main material of the stairs is still clearly visible.

Winding wooden stairs
In order for the house look different, there are many models of wooden stairs that can be applied. You can try the winding wooden staircase model. At first glance it is similar to letter-L staircase model, but this model turns more smoothly. This curved wooden staircase model provides a fairly spacious empty area under the stairs so that it can be used as additional space for various needs. For a minimalist impression, you can use pieces of wood blocks as a foothold.

Unique model on the railing body
Many elements can be added to a wooden staircase to make it more attractive. You can try to consider wooden stair railings with a unique shape to emphasize the existence of the stairs as an aesthetic element in the house. For example, uses iron material shaped like flower petals. The wooden stairs also look beautiful and of course beautify the room where the stairs standed.